Fall Break Sports Performance Camp: Speed Camp & Women’s Power Clinic

by Sep 3, 2020

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Your young athlete will learn skills to boost their sport performance while being challenged in a fun and engaging action packed 2 day camp! We will coach all athletes on:

  • Prep System:
  • Stability/Stiffness/Jumping/Landings:
  • Deceleration Work:
  • Discover how to move, in all directions, with so much more efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Learn how to accelerate with pure quickness and power.
  • Watch your quickness/jumping improve in only 1.5 hours due to learning some of the most important techniques and strategies.
  • Learn how to improve your mechanics and reduce the potential for injury while you improve your flat-out jumping power and quickness.
  • Discover the techniques that allow athletes to change direction (enhance agility) so much faster!
  • To be the best mover you can possibly be you must understand some of the most important methods of POWER development!







Parents, we (Titan Performance Center) are 100% dedicated to the safety of your child as much as we are the improvement in performance.

Through our research and dedication to our craft and profession we can’t emphasize enough the importance of your child participating in a sound strength/performance training program. If we are asked not to have your child perform strength training, we feel the risk of injury to your child will rise and that is the last thing we want for you and your child.


Coach Miguel Wickert, CSCS



Coach Miguel, CSCS

Director of Sports Performance and Head Coach

Coach Miguel is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS*). Coach Miguel holds a USAW-L2 (Advanced Sport Performance Coach). Coach Miguel served as a contract strength coach within Tulsa Public Schools while working with 450+ student athletes (from basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, football, softball & POM). 

Coach Miguel is completing his Masters in Human Performance: strength and conditioning this fall. He is thrilled to incorporate proven results driven sports performance training while applying the latest research in the field of strength and conditioning.

Coach Miguel’s mission in one sentence: “To create the most resilient athlete possible.

*A CSCS is professional that acquired in-depth knowledge in the areas of strength training and conditioning.  The areas include the scientific principles and concepts associated with the physiological adaptations to training, as well as the practical aspects of designing safe and effective conditioning programs for athletes. They conduct sport-specific testing sessions, design and implement safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs and provide guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention.

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