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by Oct 24, 2017

Training with Coach Pace for the past seven years has led fifteen-year-old Quinn, to elevate his performance in competitive lacrosse and competitive soccer, but Quinn credits his motivation to work hard for Coach to more than just his impressive experience with athletes. Read how this young athlete has thrived on and off the field under the direction of Coach Pace.

Coach Pace is more than just a trainer, he is a friend. He makes me want to be a better athlete AND person. His training trickles down to everything in my life.

More Than My Sports Trainer

Of course, Coach Pace is the expert – he’s read every book there is to read on the subject of development and sports training in adolescents, but you want to know why I like training with Pace? He’s funny. If you’re struggling or having a bad day, he’ll just pick up your spirits and you’ll push thru those days together. Coach Pace is upbeat and always has a smile on his face. He cracks jokes in the midst of your hard work and lightens the mood. I’ve never seen coach be mean to anyone. It sounds silly, but honestly I think I go out of my way to be a nicer person because of the example Coach Pace has set for me. I know he has my back and that’s a feeling I never want to forget. He’s way more than my trainer. He’s my friend and mentor.

Coach Pace makes me want to push myself to limits I didn’t dream possible for myself. I can pass the ball better, shoot the ball harder, accomplish quick cuts and change direction in the blink of an eye because of my time with Coach Pace. He takes my fears and insecurities and dismantles those thoughts so they hold no power over my performance. I’m able to focus on a level much higher than in my previous years. He’s shifted my perspective from can’t to can and made me believe in myself. He’s also made it easier to transition from the soccer field to the lacrosse field. Lacrosse requires good instincts – Coach has taught me when to push, when to brake, how to move the ball, run hard and throw accurate passes. Coach Pace reminds me that preparation for a game starts in my training. He has taught me to look forward to my next training, instead of my next game. My effort off the field will have a direct influence over my execution of the game when I’m on the field. I love going to work for Coach Pace. We just grind it out and I leave feeling ready to play with purpose. When you’re a two-sport athlete like myself, you have to arm yourself with mental toughness to be successful and I’m able to do that because of my time with Coach.

Reason Over Results

I’m constantly amazed at how Coach Pace has this uncanny ability to get consistent results no other coach could otherwise accomplish. Frankly, Coach Pace is just a really likable person and that’s half the reason why his athletes experience so much success. I want to work hard for him, make him proud of me and be proud of myself at the same time. I see this in all the athletes he trains. Coach Pace’s confident, motivational style and extensive research in the training of athletes have propelled kids like me to achieve a higher level of success in their chosen sport.

Coach Pace is the first to point out that success is not his end goal however. Teaching his athletes how to train properly and how to get the most out of their bodies is where his focus lies. “I can’t tell you how many coaches and parents care more about winning or achieving next level status, with total disregard to the development of their athlete. I want my athletes to know we can set goals and we will accomplish those goals together, but there’s a method to our madness and that’s where the magic happens.” Coach has taught me to tune out all the pressure around me and the pressure I put on myself and just focus on the task at hand. This has allowed me to be successful at not one, but two competitive sports.

Pace is different than any coach or trainer I’ve worked with. First, he learns about you as a person, then as an athlete. This makes him easy to trust, which is a pivotal difference in my training. He puts together a customized approach. You’re not just another athlete in his gym. He takes time to know you to your core. He knows where your plateaus are and then he sees you right thru them. Whether it was my reaction time that needed improving or learning how to run correctly, coach knows all the little details that are the difference between mediocre and my best. He squeezes every last drop of energy out of you until he’s convinced there’s nothing left to give. And then what happens? You give a little bit more because he’s Coach Pace and you’re not going to let him down.

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