The growth of lacrosse in Northeast Oklahoma has exploded in the past three years. Every year lacrosse attracts even more new players at every age level. What used to be a sport with limited accessibility, with new programs developing every year, lacrosse has now become very accessible and Oklahomans are embracing the experience. Grab a hold of a lacrosse stick and you too will see how hard it is to let go!


Our program designed for athletes interested in learning and playing lacrosse that may not want to travel with the competitive travel team. Have the opportunity to train weekly for a simple monthly fee.

COST:  $300 for Summer Program now thru July 10th


Titan’s competitive travel team formed in partnership with StickStar Lacrosse. Leading the way for OK United are Anthony Crimmins (OK United Program Director) and AJ Anderson (OK United Head Coach).  StickStar and Titan aspire to add an additional coach by April or early May. In the meantime, Coach Crimmins will be very visible in Oklahoma to ensure consistency throughout the coming months with an ambitious, OK United, Seminar Training Schedule.

“When I started StickStar, I was 20 years old.  Now, we are entering our 15th summer of select travel.  Everything is a function of providing quality instruction.  We enjoy the active comparison and know that once players get to the field to work with us they will be captivated by our passion for the sport and our ability to transfer detailed instruction, while still having a good time.  It is a unique training environment (Anthony Crimmins).”

As a StickStar Select alum and a Texas State Lacrosse alum, A.J. Anderson has been coaching with StickStar since 2012.  He helped Texas State win their 2nd LSA Championship in program history by defeating the University of Texas in 2015.  He has the ability to provide nuanced goalie instruction and has been honing his craft for 6 years.  AJ has the full support of the StickStar system and the dedication to growing the game that makes him a great fit for leading OK United.  “Oklahoma is already starting to make some noise in the lacrosse community.  I’m just excited to be a part of creating an Oklahoma, United (AJ Anderson).”

For questions regarding our lacrosse programs, please contact Head Coach, AJ Anderson, or  John Rhein, Titan’s Director of Field Sports.


Training – Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
4:30pm-6:00pm – Youth
6:30pm – 8pm – High School

OKC Training- Friday

5pm-6:30pm  All Ages

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