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Semi-Private Training

Individualized Semi-Private (2-5 athletes) Performance Training: 

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  • Speed – Strength – Power – Agility – Conditioning – Injury Prevention – Stability – Movement Skills

Summer Sports Performance Camps:

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FUNdamentals Athlete Pillar 1 (ages 13 and under)

FUNdamentals Athlete Pillar 2 (High School & College)

Speed Camp Friday (Limited Series)

TEAM EDITION: Schedule a drop in for your entire team (at least 10 athletes required).

How Will My Speed Increase? 

Each Camp will cover a key component in Speed development. We will coach applicable drills that easily transition into game speed. 

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return to play post injury

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football (off-season) speed, power, & agility

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Who is Coach Miguel?

Miguel Wickert, M.A. CSCS*D, RSCC

Director of Sports Performance

FC TULSA Strength & Conditioning Coach

Coach Miguel is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with distinction  (CSCS,*D). He also a registered strength and conditioning coach (RSCC).  

Coach Miguel holds a Masters in Strength & Conditioning with an emphasis in Human Performance. His mission in one sentence: “To create the most resilient athlete possible.

The NSCAs Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach® (RSCC) is a designation that signifies that a CSCS® certified coach has demonstrated experience and knowledge in their field. RSCC coaches apply foundational knowledge to assess, motivate, educate, and train athletes for the primary goal of improving sport performance.

P: 918.229.0179Office: 918.728.7159

Elite Performance & Training Is HERE!

Titan Performance Center is home for professional soccer team FC Tulsa!

Come train with FC Tulsa Strength & Performance Coach Miguel.

He oversees all sports performance training here at Titan Sports Complex. Reach him at or 918.229.0179


Coach Miguel Wickert, M.A. CSCS,*D, RSCC

At Titan, we help athletes avoid needless injuries by training in efficient and researched back ways that doesn’t waste their time, helps them improve at their sport while saving you money and frustration as a parent. 

We will provide evidence based Sports Performance to our clients in pursuit of reaching their goals. Through proper assessment, programming, nutrition and recovery these goals will be accomplished in an environment that is fun and conducive to everyone.

Coach Miguel


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-> Mobile: 918.229.0179

-> Office: 918.728.7159