Force Speed

Speed Development Program

The most sought after athletic characteristic among today’s athletes in team and individual sports is PLAYING SPEED. Speed is a vital component in all movements including starting, stopping, accelerating, changing directions, delivering or avoiding impact situations, sprinting and split second decision making during sports competition. There are several components that must be considered when designing a successful speed program which include speed specific strength training, true plyometrics, flexibility, reactive ability, and technique. Without adequate speed and quickness, success in sports is nearly impossible.


Titan Sports and Performance Center has been designing speed programs for Tulsa athletes for over a decade. With state-of-the-art equipment like the Woodway ProXL High Speed Treadmill, Titan has the ability and experience to develop unique, comprehensive, and innovative speed enhancement programs. Titan’s Force Speed program is your athlete’s safest and best choice to improve their sport specific speed goals.

Scheduled Programs

Force Speed for Lacrosse (8:1)

Improve lacrosse specific field speed and explosiveness!
August 6th – September 26 or 27th
Combine Pre-Test: Aug 4th
Combine Post-Test: Sept 26 or 27th

Two Sessions Per Week
Monday and Wednesday – 5:30pm
Tuesday and Thursdays – 4:30pm
Tuesday and Thursdays – 5:30pm

Contact Coach Pace (918-808-3309) to schedule preferred Session Times. 

Cost:  $290
Register online below or contact Coach Pace (918-808-3309) to schedule.

Interested in a Force Speed program specific to your sport?  Contact the Titan staff.