Michael helped me become one of the best female sprinters in Illinois during my high school years. Not only did he help me perfect my block starts and running form, but he was also a positive and welcoming coach who was always supportive. Even though Michael wasn’t my high school coach, he would still make the time to come and watch big meets to give last-minute tips and show support for me and his other athletes. Not a lot of coaches, especially private coaches, will make that kind of sacrifice and effort. Michael gave me the guidance and confidence I needed to be the best athlete I could be. During my senior year of high school, I ended up committing to the University of Wisconsin. There, I went on to represent UW multiple times at the Big Ten Championships and am also part of a school record-holding relay team. I am so thankful for the time and effort Michael put in to help me become the best version of me – if only he could’ve been my college coach as well! Michael’s coaching really helped elevate my sprinting career and I’m so grateful I got to work with him over the years.”

Hannah Wilson

Wisconsin Track & Field

“Michael uses an approach to speed training that I haven’t found anywhere else. He has helped me develop better mechanics and a stronger understanding of the technical aspects involved in optimal sprinting form. In addition to sprint form and mechanics Michael developed a strength program to round out my training. He uses an all encompassing approach to help athletes gain an edge in a highly competitive environment. “

Syndney Kunkler

Yale Track and Field

“I strongly recommend working with Michael Drach for speed/quickness training! While working with Michael I improved my top end speed by 3mph. I also improved my straight line/lateral quickness that my teammates and coaches have noticed on the football field. Michael’s mechanical/ technique speed training has helped me improve my football game as a running back. “

Isaiah Bowser


“I am so lucky to have gotten to train with Michael! His speed training is simply the best and I was getting faster and faster with each session.”

Shannon Earley

Benet Lacrosse, Illinois All-State as Freshman

“Mike is the best around when it comes to speed training. I was with him the moment I was cleared post-ACL and he helped get me back to better than before in 4 months of working with him. He’s extremely knowledgeable about his field and understands the desire to succeed as an athlete. Looking out for you as an athlete, he’ll push you as hard as is optimal and will leave you faster, stronger, quicker, more knowledgeable and overall a better athlete.”

Michael Axelrood

WR, Princeton Football

I grew up playing sports and knew going in to high school that I wanted to play lacrosse at the college level.  I needed to up my speed, agility and mental performance in order to get recruited.  When I started training with Michael everything started coming together for me.  He improved every aspect of my performance so that I was ready for the next level.  I always looked forward to training with Michael and I am so grateful for all of his help.  He’s the most dedicated trainer and really cares about his athletes. He is also an amazing role model to have as a part of your athletic career. I would recommend him to any athlete that wants to up their game.”

Macy Zaban

Florida Lacrosse

“Training with Michael Drach was the difference between me being fast, and truly finding real speed and quickness. I have always been involved in sports, but when I started training with Michael my speed and mental performance were taken to the next level. His training helped me with high school and collegiate lacrosse, and I couldn’t be more thankful for his support. Anyone that trains with him is lucky!”

Olivia Zaban

Bucknell Lacrosse

“Michael Drach is one of the best speed coaches in the business. He’s extremely good at developing exercises for fast muscle movements to create power and explosiveness. Training with Michael helped me to improve my acceleration times and become faster. His detail oriented strategy is second to none and is also a huge reason I’ve been injury free in my college career. I attribute a lot of my athletic success to Michael and would highly recommend him as a trainer.”

Caitlin Schneider

Wisconsin Hockey, 3x National Champion