Monthly memberships

  • $35 per person

  • Can add health club membership for an additional $15 per month

With membership :

  • Can reserve courts in two hour blocks at no charge

  • Get a $5 discount on leagues, drills, and ladder tournaments

Non Membership rates

Drop in rate for non-members

$5 before 5:00pm during the week

$10 after 5:00pm and on weekends

Exclusions: *Drop-In time does not allow private training by coaches, players or parents. A coach must rent the court for all private lessons, drills or ladder tournaments.

If you would like to have an organized training session you need pay the applicable rental rate for the pickleball court. Pickleball Court Rental – $20 per court/ per hour.

*Drop in courts are shared by all. If an individual or group would like a court to themselves, it will require you to rent the entire Pickleball Court – $20 per court/ per hour.

Court rental

  • $20 per hour 

  • ***Please call 918-895-8000 and check availability before heading to the facility.***

Coming Soon! League Play, Drills and Latter Tournaments

League play

  • $40 per month


  •  $10 per session

Ladder Tournaments

  • $15 per day

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