Sanctioned Box Lacrosse Coming to Titan!

by Jun 11, 2018

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If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen that we are bringing sanctioned box lacrosse to Titan, but what is the difference between box lacrosse and field lacrosse and can it help my game? The answer is: of course!

What is box lacrosse?

Box lacrosse is more closely related to ice hockey when you look at it in action. There are five players and a goalie on the floor at once, everyone plays offense and defense, line changes are on the fly, and penalties are more closely related to hockey style and timing. It is high intensity and high paced with a different style of checking than field lacrosse; while field is considered a gentleman’s game, there is a lot more contact in the form of cross checking as opposed to shoulder checking when you pay box lacrosse.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! Players at young ages are taught to place and push, which means they cannot extend their arms, instead of cross checking so they learn proper fundamentals and the basics of the sport. As players get older they learn proper contact and the fundamentals of how to hit so both the hitter and hittee don’t get injured. There is also no cross checking allowed on loose balls while players have their heads down as well as no contact into the side boards to keep players from additional unnecessary contact.

How does it help my field game?

Box lacrosse is played in a confined area, which doesn’t allow for individual players to dominate as easily as field. In the tight spaces there is an increased need for control because of the limited space between the offense and defense. As a result, there is an increased need in stick skills – which trains better passing and catching. There is also a thirty-second shot clock that requires teams to take more chances and have limited time on possessions. This leads to an increase of possessions for both teams and much more time with the ball in every players’ stick. There are also a lot of offensive concepts, such as pick and rolls, that originate in the box lacrosse game which are being used more and more on the field.

How can I prepare myself for box lacrosse practices?

We will be doing a lot of the technical work together as a group so the best way to prepare to come out and train with us will be too work on your stick skills. There will be rapid development once you are in the box training with us, but in the meantime, we recommend focusing on fundamentals:

  1. You can never be too good with your hands.
  2. Get on the wall or rebounder and get very comfortable with both hands.
  3. Be proficient at changing hands.
  4. Introduce behind the back passing once you are comfortable with all of the above.

Why box lacrosse?

Every practice and game will have players with the ball in their sticks for a high volume of time, which translates to stronger stick skills that can be taken back to the field game. If you look at the success of the Canadian national field team and the influx of players coming from Canada to play in the NCAA you can see the skills that grow from box being used directly on the field. We hope by playing sanctioned box lacrosse we can provide that competitive advantage to our Titan players and help them progress as they move forward in their playing careers.  

Why does it matter that our box lacrosse is sanctioned?

Titan Sports Complex, in conjunction with Oklahoma United, will be offering the ONLY USBOXLA sanctioned box lacrosse league in the state of Oklahoma starting in Fall of 2018. It will be held at Titan Main, a premier 190,000 square foot facility that includes two full-size indoor box lacrosse fields. The difference between sanctioned box lacrosse and “indoor field” lacrosse is staggering – both the style of play and the resulting player development between a sanctioned and non-sanctioned league is enormous. Oklahoma United and Titan Sports Complex is committed to growing the game in the state of Oklahoma – starting with educating the parents, officials, and ultimately the players. We will be offering a product that is simply unmatched in the state and we hope you will join us!  Look for registrations to start at the end of July!