Sports Performance and Bucket Filling? | Skills Training isn’t Filling All the Buckets

by Nov 11, 2020

Be a Bucket Filler! Sports Performance Training Made Simple 

At Titan, we think of athlete sports performance training in terms of bucket filling. Fill empty buckets but don’t overfill buckets that are already full.  We find it helps to think of athlete training in terms of various buckets. 

Movement | Power | Strength | Conditioning 

These buckets comprise or make up our big “Training” bucket. We want to fill the right bucket at the right time with the right stuff. Critical point: However, in order to fill the power bucket we first need to fill our strength bucket. 

We can’t have speed if we don’t fill our strength bucket because power needs strength. There’s no speed without power. Read that again.

 Most of are field and court athletes are filling the conditioning bucket because of the following:


  • Excessive skills training (low intensity aerobic work)
  • Athletes being ran into the ground to “develop mental toughness”
  • More practices, scrimmages and skills training.


Consider this, if this is all your athlete(s) or team is doing then they are repeatedly filling their conditioning bucket. Therefore,  if the conditioning bucket is the only one being filled, then we’re not filling their strength bucket so no increase in strength which in turn prevents an increase in power which prevents us from filling their SPEED bucket so no increase in SPEED.

 We wonder why our team sport athletes aren’t improving.

 They can do all the skills work and conditioning while still neglecting the type of performance training that enhances a few of the most critical aspects to court/field sport.


 Speed, quickness, maneuverability to escape or capture to either increase or decrease separation in the context of the sport.

 Parents, no one will look out for your kids like you will. Demand that your school and club prioritize the necessary bucket filling! Acknowledge when a bucket is full. It’s better to always leave a bit of room than to fill the bucket to the brim. This applies to any bucket we mentioned. If we continually fill too high we run the risk of spillage and creating a mess.

We want to create the most resilient, robust athlete possible. Our Titan Performance Speed Academy will do exactly that. Find out how.

Credit to Coach Mike Boyle for introducing this concept and overview to me several years ago. My hope is that parents and coaches will find this helpful. 


Every class here at Titan is coached from start to finish; classes start with our Titan performance prep system (movement preparation). We want our athletes to learn the fundaments of performance prep so they take this system and apply it not only before training here at Titan, but at their schools, at home, while traveling and so on. 

MISSION: to create the most resilient athlete possible.

We believe this is accomplished with year round (long term training) backed by safe, effective and scientific pricinciples of strength and conditioning. 











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Sports Performance and Bucket Filling? | Skills Training isn’t Filling All the Buckets

by Nov 11, 2020

Parents and coaches, I’m thrilled to be leading the charge inside the Performance Center as we lay the bricks to create something special here at Titan. Strength & Performance training that fosters Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD), Injury Prevention and safe progressions while meeting athletes of all ages where they are at.

The following are the Performance Center’s core values pertaining to athlete development:

Prepare & Protect
Move Well
Move Strong
Move Fast

Our athlete programming will always address common components of Sports Performance:

Strength – Speed – Power Development – Injury Prevention – Stability – Agility – Mobility – Recovery – Nutrition – Movement Skills – Conditioning – Self Confidence – Flexibility

At Titan, our mission: To provide evidence based sports performance training to our clients in pursuit of reaching their goals.



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What Are Benefits of Strength Training for Young Athletes?

  • Children can learn proper movement patterns such as how to squat, lunge, bend, lift, push, pull, and rotate.
  • Being able to improve functional range of motion where kids can safely play sports and activities.
  • Increase central nervous system function, mainly in the form of coordination of inter and intramuscular coordination.
  • Increase in strength of bones by placing appropriate controlled stress to them.
  • Increase in tensile strength of muscles and tendons.
  • For a highly respected organization reference read here (Mayo Clinic)


    What Are Titan’s Core Principles of Sports Performance Training? 

    The following are the Performance Center’s core values pertaining to athlete development:

    Prepare & Protect (Do No Harm)
    Move Well
    Move Strong
    Move Fast


    Coach Miguel, CSCS

     Director of Sports Performance and Head Coach

     Coach Miguel is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS*). Coach Miguel holds a USAW-L2 (Advanced Sport Performance Coach). Coach Miguel served as a contract strength coach within Tulsa Public Schools while working with 450+ student athletes (from basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, football, softball & POM). 

    Coach Miguel is completing his Masters in Human Performance: strength and conditioning this fall. He is thrilled to incorporate proven results driven sports performance training while taking into the latest research in the field of strength and conditioning. 

    Coach Miguel’s mission in one sentence: “To create the most resilient athlete possible. 

    *A CSCS is professional that acquired in-depth knowledge in the areas of strength training and conditioning.  The areas include the scientific principles and concepts associated with the physiological adaptations to training, as well as the practical aspects of designing safe and effective conditioning programs for athletes. They conduct sport-specific testing sessions, design and implement safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs and provide guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention. 

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