What Sports Performance Training Did For Me: Marlo’s Story

Aug 30, 2017

I have always been the fastest, the strongest and the least injured. How you ask? Two words: Coach Pace.
I have been playing club soccer since second grade. Additionally, I played on my high school team (Jenks), made the ECNL team as a freshman (the first year it was offered in Oklahoma) and am currently playing forward for Oklahoma State University as a junior. I started training with Coach Pace at the age of 10. My freshman year of high school, I had full soccer scholarship offers at Princeton University, Texas Christian University, Texas A&M, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa University and Oklahoma State University.

During much of my middle school and high school soccer career, I was ranked #1 in the state of Oklahoma and third in the nation as a forward. It’s an accomplishment I am very proud of today, but know it would not have been possible without Coach Pace and his sports performance training process.

My Competitive Goals Were Supported by Sports Performance Training

To describe what performance training did for me is quite simple. It made me stronger, faster and at less risk for injury. As an athlete, those are your goals. If you’re stronger and faster than your teammates or competitors, there aren’t many people that can outrun, outshoot or outplay you. My muscles were strong in all the right places so I avoided injury. I knew how to explode, turn, line up my hips, breakaway, pivot, change direction-the skill list I have from sports performance training is numerous and invaluable.

My club coach noticed my performance was exploding. He could see a difference in my practice. He asked me what I had been doing outside of practice and when I told him I had been participating in sports performance training, he became the biggest Coach Pace advocate I know. The proof was in my performance. My level of play was explosive, dynamic and my skills were rapidly growing. Best of all, I wasn’t getting injured like some of my teammates.

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Beyond all the great skills I took away from performance training, Coach Pace was also an influential role model. He is a great constant in the lives of the athletes he trains. He wasn’t just another trainer. No, Coach Pace lives to see his athletes thrive on and off the field. He cared about my life outside of sports and it showed. He builds trust with his athletes, which allows them to train harder and smarter. You want to work hard for Coach Pace because he gives you 110% every session. He will stop at nothing to see you improve.

His genuine authenticity shines through his training and motivates you to put in the work. Coach Pace and his trainers are magical that way-they know sports training better than anyone I’ve ever encountered and can get athletes of all ages to positively respond so they can improve their performance. He teaches you mental toughness. I knew how to focus, I grew my passion for the game and I learned to love the game of soccer for myself-not for anyone else.

I experienced one injury during my 8th grade year and I was pretty down and out. I still remember Coach Pace sitting me down and saying, “This is just a bump in the road and we’re going to get you back with proper time and training.” That’s just what we did. I recovered and came back even better. Coach Pace enables you to believe in yourself. And that is life-changing. Not all coaches or trainers have the ability to instill confidence in their athletes at such a critical time in their lives.

Coach Pace is always on the cutting edge of the training industry. He’s done his research thoroughly and if something isn’t working for you, he’ll quickly find another solution to break thru any performance plateau you’ve hit. It’s impossible to grow stagnant with sports performance training. Pace and his trainers use a variety of training drills specific to your sport to get the most potential from you. I did everything from treadmill speed training, rope work, to lifting weights and breakaway drills. The trainers were always monitoring me with a heart rate monitor to know exactly where I needed to be. He used techniques to gradually improve my performance and avoid injury. Because the workouts are specific to you, your time is maximized. No drill is wasted. It is all customized based on your needs and goals.

Marlo Zoller Oklahoma State Soccer

I Saw Results Both On And Off The Field

Without a doubt, my performance saw dramatic results from training with Coach Pace. I remember coming home from college and participating in a training session with him and my forty-yard sprint had increased in time. I was frustrated that I lost my edge. When I was actively training with Coach Pace, I was running a 4.8 forty-yard sprint. When I stopped training with Pace (to depart for college), my time grew to 5.1 seconds. That’s how dramatic your results can be. There’s just no comparison to his program. When you train with Coach Pace, you train with the best.

Sports are such an integral part of my life and I’ve been successful at them long-term because I trained properly with sports performance training. They set a foundation for my sports career that has allowed me to be the best at my game, free from injury.  Performance training takes the average athlete and makes them exceptional. I am considered an elite athlete, largely because I trained with Coach Pace.

An investment in sports performance training is an investment in your athlete’s future. My parents never regretted a dime they spent with Coach Pace and I’m here eleven years later playing the best soccer of my career. Coach Pace has a wonderful gift of reminding his athletes why they love their sport so much. This in turn, makes all the hard work worth it. I only wish there was a Coach Pace in Stillwater.

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