Titan Power Academy! WEEKEND Camp Signup is Live!

by Apr 16, 2021

SUMMER OFF- Season Training Begins NOW!

WHEN?: May 8th & 9th

TIME:? 1 PM – 3 PM

Titan Power Camp

  • Group setting with athletes working alongside each other to achieve goals
  • Individual athlete instruction with a focus on maximizing:
    • Increasing Vertical Jump
    • Boosting Spiking Power
    • Enhancing Shoulder Stability & Durability
    • Knee Injury Prevention
    • Acceleration/Deceleration
    • Enhancing the ability to change direction
    • Lower & Upper Body Power
    • Leg, Hip, Shoulder and Torso Strength
    • Flexibility & Balance
    • Physical Conditioning
    • Recovery

Coach Miguel, M.A. CSCS*D, RSCC

Director of Sports Performance and Head Coach

Coach Miguel is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with distinction  (CSCS,*D). Coach Miguel holds a USAW-L2 (Advanced Sport Performance Coach). Coach Miguel served as a contract strength coach within Tulsa Public Schools while working with 450+ student athletes (from basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, football, softball & POM). 

Coach Miguel holds a Masters in Strength & Conditioning with an emphasis in Human Performance. He is thrilled to incorporate proven results driven sports performance training while taking into the latest research in the field of strength and conditioning.

Coach Miguel’s mission in one sentence: “To create the most resilient athlete possible.

*A CSCS is professional that acquired in-depth knowledge in the areas of strength training and conditioning.  The areas include the scientific principles and concepts associated with the physiological adaptations to training, as well as the practical aspects of designing safe and effective conditioning programs for athletes. They conduct sport-specific testing sessions, design and implement safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs and provide guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention.

P: 918.200.9881 | Office: 918.728.7159