Unlock your child’s potential at Titan Sports & Performance Center’s Youth Leagues! Designed to instill confidence and teamwork, our leagues offer a dynamic blend of skill development and camaraderie. Led by expert coaches, your child will thrive in a positive and inclusive environment. From basketball to futsal, we cater to all skill levels, fostering a love for sports that extends beyond the game. Join us in shaping not only athletic prowess but also lifelong lessons in resilience, collaboration, and self-belief. Enroll today for a season of fun, growth, and the joy of being part of a winning team!

High School Basketball League

Elevate your game in the ultimate High School Basketball League at Titan Sports & Performance Center! Join aspiring athletes in a thrilling competition that combines skill, strategy, and teamwork. With top-notch facilities and passionate coaching, our league is the perfect platform to showcase your talent and dominate the court.

  • SEASON: March 25 – May 10
  • AGES: Juniors & Seniors
  • REGISTRATION: $80/Athlete

Youth Basketball League

Ignite your child’s passion for basketball at Titan Sports & Performance Center’s Youth Basketball League! Designed for young enthusiasts, our league fosters skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship in a fun and supportive environment. Let your child experience the joy of the game while building lifelong friendships.

  • SEASON: March 25 – May 24
  • AGES: 1st thru 8th Grade
  • REGISTRATION: $60/Athlete

NFL Flag Football League

Experience the thrill of NFL Flag Football at Titan Sports & Performance Center! Our league offers a dynamic blend of excitement and skill development for young athletes. With top-notch facilities and expert coaching, participants enjoy a safe and competitive environment. Enlist your child today for an unforgettable touchdown-filled season!

  • SEASON: March 23 – May 19
  • AGES: Kindergarten thru 8th Grade
  • REGISTRATION: $200/Athlete

Youth Futsal League

Unleash the passion for soccer in your child at Titan Sports & Performance Center’s Youth Futsal League! Our league combines the fast-paced excitement of futsal with expert coaching, fostering skill development and teamwork. Join us for a season of high-energy matches, camaraderie, and the joy of playing the beautiful game.

  • SEASON: February 16 – March 15
  • AGES: U11/U12 – U13/U14
  • REGISTRATION: $60/Athlete

Girls Flag Football League

Attention all young female athletes! Titan Sports proudly presents our Girls NFL Flag Football League, welcoming players from 4th grade to 12th grade. With three competitive divisions tailored to skill levels, every player has a chance to shine. Join us and be part of the excitement as females dominate the field in the fast-paced world of flag football. Don’t miss out – sign up now!

  • SEASON: June 23 – August 4
  • AGES: 4th Grade – 12th Grade
  • REGISTRATION: $200/Athlete